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Carehome-information offers a comprehensive and powerful school email service.

We will send your email for the following costs this is 'Per cycle'- A cycle is 2 sends of a email a week apart: 
  • One cycle: £550.  A cycle is 2 sends of the same email a week apart: 
  • Two cycles £525 each. 
  • Three cycles £500 each. 
  • Four cycles £475 each. 
  • Five cycles £450 each. (All + VAT).
  • Multiple discounts only apply when they are booked as a package. (A 'cycle' is 2 sends of the same email a week apart)
  • This is for the full list; discounts are available for part use of a list.
  • Invoicing: payment is due 30 days from placing the order. Subsequent cycles are due 30 days from the email being sent.
  • We will provide figures of total emails sent and total opened. We will also provide click through data on a .csv file, which will include (Where available) School, phone no, email, Head, Address, Postcode.- or a sweeper email to those that clicked through.
Get started by emailing me: stevem@pirnet.co.uk or call 01234 348878 option 6.