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Carehome-information offers a comprehensive and powerful email service.

Email marketing is a time consuming skill and difficult to get right. At its heart is a great email list and ours is priceless, you cannot buy it or one as good whatever the list brokers may claim. Our list and sales experience is drawn from 15 years of publishing magazines to the Care sector. (And we are very good at what we do)

This is a fast and cost effective method of advertising directly to Care homes. We can email over 10,000 and drive buyers and traffic to your website to enable you to increase your sales and profitability.

The essential details:.....

Recipients are Managers in the UK. The email records are 99.9% named recipients and are drawn from the same circulation list the magazine is.

We send your email twice, the second time a week later to those who haven't opened the first one, we call this a 'cycle'. This gives a better return on investment and click through rates are then higher. The subject line can be changed the 2nd time attract a reader with different priorities.

You get the open statistics and the click through data. This includes the email address and many other details in .csv format. Or we will send a short 'sweeper' email to all the people who have clicked links instead of giving you the .csv file.

We will manage the whole process and set the text and pictures. We recommend you use a business style letter with approx. 200 words, a picture and contact info. We check for spam filter words, make suggestions and proof the copy to you prior to it being sent. We can provide examples of these and will help to get the message right.

You are also welcome to provide your own html art work.

We can select your target care homes by specific criteria, please ask for details.

Get started by emailing me: stevem@pirnet.co.uk or call 01234 348878 option 6.

Pricing details: Click here

The click through data we will send includes the Care home name, address, email, phone no, Managers name etc. and much more.
We use peak time sending.
Your list is updated with the latest records prior to each email. We are adding an average of 50 new emails per week.
You can also give us a list of those email addresses of existing clients you do not want the email sent to.
The email list is approx. 11,000+ and constantly being added to by subscription and research.

For more information please email me: stevem@pirnet.co.uk or call 01234 348878 option 6.

Dull administrative details:
We are GDPR compliant.. - As us for details, we are happy to explain how and why.
Please note some 3rd party tracking systems will prevent us from providing link clicked information- please check with us for details.
Although we describe an email list as 'yours' at no time will you be provided with it in its entirety, you will be only provided with full details of schools that 'click through'.