Option1: Test the water

A low-cost plan to test the market  and/or to discover the benefits of email marketing to 17,000+managers.

  • HTML design of the email

  • One 'send' of the email.

  • The statistics we then provide; 

  • How many opened, 

  • Open rate,

  • How many link follows, 

  • Click through rate.​​

  • Cost £300 + VAT to approx 17,000 care managers

Option 2: The full effect

In addition to 'Test the water' plus, 2 sends of the same email: (A 'Cycle') + The click-through data.

  • To approx 17000 managers

  • One cycle: £450.

  • Two cycles £425 each. 

  • Three cycles £400 each. 

  • Four cycles £375 each. 

  • Five cycles £350 each. (All + VAT).

  • Discounts available for part use of a list.- Ask for a quote.

Option 3: Buy Data

17,000 (approx.)unique email addresses.
The data we provide includes the Managers name, establishment, address, email, phone no. etc.

All drawn from Care Quality Commission and regional care  databases with the researched email address included.

​12-month licence is £85 per 1000
(+£75 for data extraction)